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10 Fashionable Hair Accessories You Can Make Yourself

10 Fashionable Hair Accessories You Can Make Yourself

2014 will see Fashionable Hair Accessories remain as one of the top trends in hair fashion. Accessorising hair is new to some but to others, they are loving being able to compliment a hair style with accessories. These also make brilliant gifts too for that someone special.  Here are 10 different Accessories you can make yourself!

Boho Chic Headband

Make yourself a Boho beauty queen with this feminine romantic headband. The deception to this DIY is to add a good amount of glue to the headband before pouring on the beads and tap them down to stay in place.   To learn how to make a Feathered one, click here.


Pearl Hair Pins

Hair pins are functional. But, jewelled hair pins are not only functional, but also have style. Not all glitters are gold; some are made from pretty stones. Use hair pins to raise an up do. Let your hair shine accompanied by the jewels in the hair pins. This will compete with the stars!  Pearl hair Pins go with so much and are elegant and fashionable all at the same time Click here to get started.


Leather Hair Tie

Throw your hair in a ponytail as a part of your daily routine, thenmake it look amazing with a leather hair tie!These are so easy but look great with your shiny or black outfit at night time!  Check it out here.


Felt Hair Pins (for the little ones!)

These are so easy and make great gifts for little friends too.  Choose your shape, color felt, and thread color, and get to work!  You can see them done here.

Customisable Hair Ties

Whether you need a certain color hair tie for work, or the kids want special hair ties, or you may want something for a special occasion.  These fabric button hair ties are simple and easy to make.  Check them out here.


Flower & Rhinestone Headband

Have a basic headband you want to make look simply amazing?  Want to customise it for a particular outfit?  Check out these super simple Flower & Rhinestone Headbands here!


Bobby Pin & Old Button Clips

If you love vintage you’ll love these!  Adding buttons of your choice to bobby pins are simple, customisable for color purposes, and great for the little ones too!  Mum and little once could even match!  Click here to see how easy these really are!


Ruffled Headband

Headbands are so easily wearable and knowing you can make them yourself, means you can customise your accessory to match your outfit.  Here’s a simple tutorial on how to make ruffled headbands.


Hair Cuffs

We love wearing cuffs on our arms as jewellery pieces, but did you know you can take that fabulous trend and use it with your hairstyles?  Learn how to make and style with them here!



A lot of people believe that all hatsprotect the hair. That is a fact. However, the hat can do more than a shield against the ravages of weather. It can also be used as an accessory that can be used to attract. Beret is undoubtedly the best fashion hat. Everyone can wear it since it is appropriate everywhere and can be worn for the whole year. You can find out how to make one here.


Hair accessories not only look amazing, they can be what makes you stand out from the crowd. If you want to check out other ideas, a quick search on Pinterest can provide inspiration and lots and lots of ideas!