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Hair straightening – which way is best for you?

For those seeking ultra-straight hair, there are three main methods you can utilise. These are namely Protein Treatment, Ionic Straightening and Chemical Straightening. All three methods differ in their approach, so it is important to recognise those that are best for you hair, and what ones you should avoid.

With Chemical Straightening, it’s pretty much the opposite of a perm inasmuch as the bonds of the hair are broken and then the hair is straightened (as opposed to being forced into curls). Due to the nature of the chemicals used, care of the hair after treatment is essential.

Ionic Straightening, or Thermal Reconditioning, is a permanent treatment that utilises heat to alter the bonds in the hair shaft in order to straighten it. Developed in Japan, it is an incredibly popular method of hair straightening in Australia.

The last method, Protein Treatment, is much gentler on the hair as it does not alter or break the bonds of the hair shaft in any way – so it is perfect for hair that is damaged or has been mistreated in the past. It not only infiltrates the shaft itself, it also coats the hair so that further damage is avoided.