Planet Hair Sydney

Planet Hair Sydney

Planet Hair Sydney
61 Market St
level 2
Sydney, NSW 2000

Phone: (02) 9267 4882

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We are the biggest japanese salon in sydney!

We have 15 cutting chairs and 5 shampoo chairs!

Only the real thing-for YOU!


Planet Shop Concept
Planet blends the feel of the Australian continent and its blue sky with a taste of Japan to create a sense of serenity. Planet uses the best of Japanese technology in salon equipment and hair care products to style your hair and give it a fresh and alluring look.

Origin of Planet
The name Planet reflects my wish to cherish and care for our Planet (Earth). We use the best salon equipment and products from around the world. These are super friendly to your hair and the environment. Some examples are 100% natural herb colouring, water treated by primordial water activator, nano-ion hair dryer and micro-mist….

  • 10% off  : for the  First time customer.

  • 20% off ( Mon - Fri until 2pm only) :    2 person come together doing chemical service such colouring treatment,straightening, or perm.( if just a haircut, you only can get 10% OFF)

  • 10 % off : for students from Mon - Fri until 4pm only.

When you become a memebr of planet hair,  you will get :

  • 10 % off hair products.

  • when you introduce your friends or family, we will send you $5 or $10 voucher and you can use it on your next visit.




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2011-06-07 03:54:14

I did a perm last week there, that's awesome!!! very natural wave.The stylist told me that's a new technology from Japan call air-wave. Lovely!!!

waiting sofa
best leather italian 7 seats sofa, very comfortable.

hair colour and henna herb treatment
she did copper brown colour, henna herb treatment (makes her hair more shiny , more voulume and less damage) and also we steam the henna with morbido steam ( to add more moisture into her hair).

henna treatment and morubido steam
our special henna treatment it makes your hair shiny , more volume and also can cover the grey hair. What is henna treatment? Known as Henna, this plant is native to India. The leaves of the plant are dried and crushed, and have been used in India for centuries to nourish, dye and add shine to hair. Our speciality is to use these herb colours to put colour into your hair or cover your greys. See how the colour is put into the hair. The first introduced to Australia!

colour and henna herb treatment
she did light ash brown colour, afterwards we do the henna herb treatment to make it more ash , and makes the hair more shiny, then use morbido steam to add more moisture into the hair

super straight
before straightening. her hair is very curly, damaged, and frizzy.

morbido steam
what is morbido steam? Steam that is further pressured and heated into a 0.3 nano micro particle. The size of the Morbido Steam molecule is 100,000 times smaller compared to normal steam. As this micro particle steam goes inside the hair instantly, it adds moisture to every strand of hair and replenishes it. In addition to replenishing moisture to the hair and skin, it also works as a relaxation, so we can achieve total hair care.

super straight after
we use japanese straightening solution and treatment to her hair, also we steam the hair with morbido steam to add more moisture into her hair and makes her hair more shiny and less damage. our super straight is very good!

digital perm
new technology of perming with the application of heat creating more lusterous and longer lasting finsh compared to original perm (differs on hair quality and texture).

hi-light and henna herb treatment
2 colour hi-light (red and brown colour) and henna herb treatment.

Seats specially designed for hair cut and shampoo + other professional equipment & products from leading manufacturers in Japan.
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