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10 Pinterest Accounts to Follow – leading hair care/fashion/ideas

The opportunity to share information, learn new tricks, and even get ideas for any single topic you can think of has never been as easy as it is today.  Pinterest is one of the leading image sharing social media websites, and it’s one of the fastest growing on record!   If you’re on Pinterest you’ll know what all the hype is about.  If you’re not, you need to check it out!

We thought we’d share 10 great Pinboards you should be following for Beauty, Fashion & Hair. Of course there are now millions of boards on Pinterest, so if you find some others that you’d like to share with us, why not post over on our Facebook page!

1)      Fashion Forward all things fashion & healthy hair styles to shoes!   These guys showcase it all!

2)      Leading Lady Hair Inspiration  A fantastic mix of all things hair and not only modern style, you’ll also see some vintage hair styles!

3)      Glamour Mag  For all things Glamour, Fashion, Beauty and Hair!  With almost 5000 Pins on the Board, its probably safe to say they are one of the best!

4)      Eat.Sleep.Wear  Wow this is impressive, 1,045,632 followers.  Fashion blogger Kimberly of eat.sleep.wearhas created a booming Pinterest page with thousands of fashion and beauty pins.  Epic!

5)      And one to make you sparkle!  Glitter Guide  Glitter Guide offers Flashes of delight.  ‘Your guide to fashion, trends, beauty, design, food and culture.’

6)      Women’s Wear Daily (WWD) the official bible for all things high fashion and luxe beauty — and it’s a must-follow Pinterest account for industry trends and backstage beauty (especially during Fashion Week).

7)      Sephora is a great way to keep up to date with the latest, especially the Trending now boards.  You can also gain ideas and find your favourites all while keeping up with the Jones’.

8)      One of the Hair specific Pinterest Accounts to follow is Hair Romance, and yes I could see myself getting quite attached to this Account!

9)      Blogger and designer Megan Gilger knows beauty when she sees it — and she certainly has an eye for artistic expression.  Follow her on Pinterest for inspiration on so many things.

10)   Last but certainly not least, we are loving Elsie Larson of A Beautiful Mess.  Her blog is awesome, and her fashion pins are exquisite.

So there’s some of the most pinned accounts in Fashion, Beauty and Hair right now.   We hope you enjoy checking these out, and don’t forget to come and share your favourites with us over on our Facebook page.

Happy pinning!