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3 Ways to teach kids how to look after their hair

Self-care for a child is just as important as learning words, how to walk, and how to eat.  Their ability to be able to present themselves to the world aka. turn up to school looking presentable, is something that will take pride in.  We all went to school with people who did not learn self-care until later in their life, and for many this impacted on their self-esteem and child to child esteem.  Teaching your children self-care is important on a number of levels, but how do you do it?  Well we’ve got 3 workable ideas for you, and we’d love your thoughts in the comment area below.

1)     Allow them to watch and learn by example.  My kids are always heading into the bathroom when I’m trying to get ready for my day, and until recently it used to annoy me!  Now I realise that while they watch me take good care of my hair, and ask for a brush to brush theirs, they are learning.  They want to be like mum or dad, use mum or dad’s brushes and product.  Allow this to become an educational tool.  If they see mum and dad looking neat on purpose, they will learn.  If you have time you can also talk about things while you do them

2)     Practice on Barbies or Teddy Bears, talking kids through the why of what we do.   Give Barbie a hair wash (she doesn’t ever cry), dress her and explain why we do what we do.  It’s important for kids to know ‘the why of the what’ as this is what gives meaning to something.   Turn it into a game, into something they will remember.

3)     Kids learn the fastest by having good routines.  So making sure that their hair gets washed a few times a week, and ensuring that hair gets brushed everyday.   They may kick and scream for the first few weeks but in the end, the routines we begin now will form the foundation of their self-care in the future.

Self-care is something that every child needs to learn about.   Do you have any tips for our parents on how to teach your kids to look after their hair?  Why not drop over to our Facebook page and leave a comment.