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Create your signature style

Create your signature style

We are all built in different shapes and sizes and different styles of clothing fit us each differently to.  It’s no different when it comes to our hair style.  We all aim to create a signature look that makes us stand out in a crowd and look our best.  Some find their signature style when they are younger, and they carry it through their teenage years into their late twenties and thirties, some then change their signature style later in life.  Others take time to trial different things until they find their signature style.   One of the first steps to working out what your signature style will be, is in knowing the shape of your face.   Here are some of the basics, and what may suit…

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Oval face

The oval shaped face is longer than it is wide.  It is one of the most versatile face shapes and it goes well with almost every hair style. If you have a high forehead, a fringe can help hide it. Stars who have oval shaped faces are Lea Michele, Cameron Diaz or Carey Mulligan.

Square face

The Square shaped face can be recognized easily because the sides of the face are approximately as wide as long.Long locks can make the features of the face soft as well as a layered bob which will accentuate the square jaw. Go with a dramatic brow length fringe to try something different.  Some with this shaped face, tend to have quite a think look to their face, so adding some body in the hair style can also look very attractive.

Round face

The Round face shape often shows fullness, and the face is almost as wide as it is long.   Some people with this face shape like to use quite full hairstyles to help hide their rounded face, but lighter looks also look good.  You could keep the sides of the hair short and add some curl. Layered fringe or styles go extremely well with this face type, and its best to try to avoid straight cuts. Try a hairstyle what adds height to the face and lengthens it.

Heart face

Heart face shapes can be recognized by having full cheeks and the narrow at the chin. A great trick is to cut side swept fringes which looks great with long locks and wavy hair and also will hide the sometimes wide forehead. Long locks include longer length bobs but do not wear any styles which are above the chin.

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