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Managing grey hair

Managing grey hair

Grey hair is one of those things we all know will show up at some point! For some, the process of greys appearing happens in their early twenties, for others it’s not until much later!  And of course, there’s all the in between’s.   Some choose to color over the top to hide grey hairs, others begin to embrace it, and use it as feature spot in their hair color and style.   I must admit, I love it when the older generation embrace it as part of their ‘signature look’.   For many though, they are unsure as to how to look after grey hair, so here’s some tips on managing them.

Don’t pull them out!

Firstly, when they start to appear, don’t pull them out!   Most jump to the ‘oh my gosh’ state of mind, and pull them out, but this actually encourages them to grow back thicker.  Consult your hairdresser for more information on this.   You know what, most people won’t walk up to you, and give you curry cause you’ve got a few grey hairs!   We will be the most aware out of anyone J

Regular Coloring

A good portion of the population, do color their hair, and even before the greys appear!   So you could continue to color your hair the same way you do it already.  As with any regrowth, it’s always good to keep your trips to the Hairdresser frequent so that you look your best anyway.


Highlights or foils used to be something that the younger generation got creative with, but I’m seeing more and more that the older generation are getting ‘clever’ in their use of the extra colors.  It’s quite fashionable to get blonde/greyish/silver/goldish foils, or to mix blonde with grey.   For absolute best results though, consult with your hairstylist or fashion expert.   This is something you definitely need to do right!

Trim Strategically

For those with a lot of grey hair, regular and strategic trims could help the process of taking out any other color in their hair, and bringing in and embracing the grey.  Certain styles will also suit this process aswell.   So choose wisely, and consult your hairstylist.

Condition Regularly

Most women think that the grey hairs will grow out very course in texture, which may be the case.  But as with any hair care, ensuring it is well looked after and washed and conditioned regularly will be really key in the process.

Embrace your hair

No matter where you are along the grey brick road, its important to embrace you!  Do what makes you feel happy and amazing.  Yes its just one of those things in life, but it’s not the end of our world!   Embrace, be you, do what you can, and we know you will fine!