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5 things to look for in a great hair salon


5 things to look for in a great hair salon

For many, it takes a long time to find a hair salon they are totally comfortable with, one that they know they can trust. After all, hair is often what really defines a person’s look and style, and when something goes wrong, it can have a number of side-effects.

We’ve put together 5 things to look for when searching for a great hair salon.

1. Professional branding/presentation – what does their shop look like? Have they decorated it with style? What are their color combinations like, have they taken pride in how they present themselves?
2. Price – this is just one of the indicators to take into consideration when choosing a great hair salon. Are their prices super cheap?
(meaning they may be throwing themselves at people to get business) or are they super expensive? Obviously high prices
don’t come into everyone’s budget and you need to take that into consideration too.
3. Customer service – when you call to ask about their services, opening times or pricing, are they friendly? Do they go above and beyond for you offering information you didn’t think to ask for?
Don’t forget that most businesses are on Facebook now, so you can do extra checks on how they deal with potential customers and if they know their industry.
4. Cleanliness – is the salon clean and tidy? Overall cleanliness is a sign that a salon cares about hygiene. Is there a lot of hair left on the floor or just swept to the side? Are fresh towels put out for new clients. Are the staff well-presented and tidy?
5. Style – do they recognise good styling? How are the hairdressers representing the salon styled & presented? Do they have books available for clients to flick through. Are they allowing discussions with clients already in the salon about new styles or pushing their own ideas onto them?

There are a lot of factors that go into choosing a great hair salon. We’ve all had the fear of a hair style cut or color going wrong, or worse still having one go wrong! The choice we make is crucial. Keeping these factors in mind will help you to make an informed choice.