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Bald Can Be Beautiful Too

Bald Can Be Beautiful Too

Balding does not have to be a source of discouragement, a sign of premature aging, or an indication that men are not attractive to women or their wife or partner any more. Bald can be beautiful if you approach balding with the right attitude and the proper care of the hair you have left.

What you can do for you

Certainly, if you want you can get hair restoration. Most of the nationally and internationally known hair restoration companies like Bosley will give you back natural hair. It costs a bit and takes time and can be slightly painful but hair restoration does work and can take years off your looks if you are balding.

If you are just starting to lose your hair then you might consider a toupee or even one of the hair sprays that cover small bald spots.

If you have inherited baldness then you will eventually have to deal with it and being bald is not as bad as some ads make you think.

One of the better options is the Telly Savalas. For those who do not remember this actor the idea is a totally bald head. The look is distinctive and is considered by most women to be more virile and sexy than a partially haired head. If you are skeptical about the appeal of a shaved head then look at all of the sports stars that have a total bald look.

Doing the totally bald look does take some work. You either have to shave the part of your head that still has hair regularly or use a depilatory. If shaving your head is not something you want to do there are other options.

One of the more time saving options is to get a wax job for your head. A wax treatment can last for as long as six months. You should consider having your ears and the back of your neck done so you have the complete look.

One of the advantages of a total bald head is no washing, conditioning, or other hair care. Just wash and go.

Going totally bald works for a lot of men in convenience, looks, and attractiveness.

What you should not do

Do not try and take attention away from your balding pate by growing facial hair. The look just does not work for the majority of men. You end up looking like a cue ball with a beard.

Things get worse if you are getting gray and grow a white beard to hide from your balding head.

Get rid of the facial hair if you do not go for the totally bald look.

Do not get uber-dramatic about getting bald. You have several options and pick the one that makes you feel the best about yourself. Consulting your significant other is also a good idea before you make a decision. Happy mate, happy hair, happy you.