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Caring For Bleached Hair – Assess The Damage First

Though people bleach hair with a specific purpose, they do not realise the damage this process causes their hair if the bleaching process has been improperly done.  They lose the naturally existing melanin as well as moisture from within the hair, and that is when they recognise the mistake they have committed in opting for hair bleach.

However, it is important not to panic and not just start using any hair care product to rectify the damage. You need to first assess the damage. If you feel that the hair is extremely brittle, then know that it has really been subjected to a lot of chemical damage. Such hair will break easily and when wet, it will stretch. This is the stage you know that you cannot do much to repair it.

But if the hair remains smooth to touch and feel, you can rest assured that the bleach has been done correctly.

Moderate damage to hair can be rectified only by replenishing the vital ingredients necessary for its health. They are moisture, protein and oil. You therefore need to use hair care products that can make available these ingredients along with a balanced diet and good sleep to get back the
lustre and bounce in your hair.