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Do regular trims really make your hair grow faster?

It is well known that we shed hair every day and they are constantly replaced with new hair. All of us also experience hair growth of between half to one centimetre on a monthly basis.

It is a common belief that cutting or trimming hair on a regular basis aids its growth and while there is some substance to it, there is also a logical explanation for this phenomenon.

The trimming process prevents hair ends that tend to become brittle with time from breaking off. As the hair is trimmed or cut, these ends are allowed to grow at their normal rate and that manifests as hair growth. This is how it appears that each time you cut or trim hair, they show growth.

On a more holistic note, you need to only ensure that you are taking the right vitamins, drinking enough water and not subjecting your hair to dangerous chemicals for it to show natural growth that is sustainable. Both hair and nails are made of Keratin and vitamin A is one supplement that enables healthy levels of Keratin in the body.

Combining this with light trimming every month will definitely ensure that your hair growth is a strong and healthy one.