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GHD does it again.

GHD has maintained their status as the biggest brand in hair straighteners with their new Gold Series.

They have managed to once again raise the bar with these stylers; they are not only great to look but equally effective – and easy to handle. They have an improved ultra-light outer casing, along with a novel plate guard for added protection and quick styling advantages. The high-gloss design, with sparkling accents, adds to the aesthetic appeal.

While standard features such as sleep mode, temperature setting and digital technology are already inbuilt, the swivel cord and the curved barrel adds a new dimension to its handling and overall appearance.

Some of the prominent advantages with these GHD straighteners include quick heat-up, and settings that are rather convenient to use. The heat retention is much better, thanks to the ceramic plates and the device can be used for curling, too. You can now eliminate frizz and acquire that sleek look you have always wanted in a jiffy. It can be used daily without any concerns over damaging the hair – and most importantly it is affordable.

Regular feedback from customers during GHD reviews on these GHD straighteners have consistently brought out the point that they are long-lasting and maintain their performance over time.