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Haircuts for Fine Hair

Haircuts for Fine Hair

Fine hair can get a bad rap but is actually quite manageable and malleable with plenty of style possibilities.  Fine hair is often confused with thin hair but the term fine refers to the thickness of the hair strand not the amount of hair, it can be sparse or surprisingly abundant!  It is often delicate in texture and therefore prone to breakage and can have a tendency to fall flat.  But with the proper care, the right haircut, products and style, even fine hair can be enviously gorgeous!

So, what are the ‘right’ haircuts for fine hair?


The shorter fine hair is the thicker it will appear.

A pixie cut is a great option for short hair and can be worn in a number of ways:  A low maintenance, feminine style; a stylish textured pixie or something more edgy and worn forward over the forehead.

Other shorter styles that work are the bias cut worn without a definite part, or something clean cut with soft waves, or for a contemporary look try a bixie, a cross between a bob and a pixie.

For a slightly longer look there are a number of different bob styles which work very well for fine hair:  The A-line bob or simply a bob with a longer front and shorter in the back, with or without transition; a textured or layered bob or even the classic chin length bob.


Medium length hair can be curled to give the hair texture and thickness.  Try soft waves to beachy curls; or frame the face with layers and a fringe.  The right colour can also give hair dimension and thickness. If you have fine hair and curls, don’t straighten it!  Try some products that suit your curls and take advantage of that built in volume.


Fine hair with few layers when worn longer holds more volume and adding curls creates even more.

Matt Fugate, a hairstylist at Sally Hershberger Salon in NYC says that “The key to styling fine hair is making sure you always have a strong focal point. It adds dimension and the appearance of thickness, tricking one’s eye into thinking you have more hair.”  There is a great deal that can be done with fine hair and with the right care and attention there is no reason that fine can’t be fabulous!