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Is Hairspray bad or good

Image Source: Fotalia

Hairspray: good or bad for your hair?

Hairspray has a very important purpose: to keep styled hair in place.  It does come at a cost though, and the verdict is still out on whether Hairspray is actually good or bad for your hair.  We thought we’d lay out the Dis-advantages and Advantages of using hairspray and let you decide!

As with any form of hair product, most things are ok when used in moderation.   There are now a wide range of other products available that can be used as substitutes, with the style and type of hair playing a big role in what product is best.

The Disadvantages of using Hairspray

-          If not used correctly, it can slowly damage the hair cuticle and make the hair dry.
-          Some hairsprays have nasty chemicals in them.
-          If you use the spray repeatedly without washing, some types of hairspray can cause a build-up of product, which appears as a stiff layer of white, flaky particles.
-          Excessive use can also result in your hair looking dull instead of shiny because of the excess polymers coating each follicle
-          If you travel a lot you may find it hard taking your normal hairspray.  As you know certain countries won’t allow you to take in such prized possessions.
-          Can cause Allergic reactions on some scalps.

The Advantages of using Hairspray

-          It can help hold your hair style in place.
-          It’s quick and easy and quite often can just be washed out (as opposed to Hair Gels etc that are heavier and need to be washed out daily).
-          Using Natural type Hairsprays’ can give your hair an extra bit of shine.
-          Using a small amount of hairspray can result in a hairstyle that took a long time, stay in place for a good period of time.

Some Tips on using Hairspray

-          Hairspray should be used as a Mist rather than sprayed close to the scalp.
-          Use in a well ventilated room
-          If you do use a lot of Hairspray, make sure you use a good quality shampoo and conditioner, and wash regularly.
-          Speak with your local Hairdresser about what the best product might be for your hair.  There is a wide range of products available now, and there is most likely one perfect for your hairstyle and desired effect.