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Makeup tips for that special occasions

As women, we love an opportunity to doll ourselves up and head out for a special occasion.  It’s our chance to look our very best, boast some glam and our best jewellery.   Here’s some makeup tips to ensure you look your absolute best!

Preparation in the lead up

Prepare your skin to glow and look amazing by drinking lots of water in the lead up to the event.   Avoid caffeine and soft drinks (they can dehydrate your skin not hydrate it) and stay away from salty foods (can cause water retention & puffiness).  You could even apply some facial treatments such as masks and creams as preparation for your special occasion.

Preparation on the day

Ensure your Face is cleansed and exfoliated before any makeup is applied.  This will ensure your skin pores are clean and you’re starting with a clean slate.

Allow your makeup time to settle by ensuring you apply and complete your makeup up to an hour before the special occasion.

Color & makeup styles

The style of makeup (heavy look or lighter shades) will be determined largely by the special occasion and the time of day.   If it’s a daytime event, then brighter, lighter colors and style would have you looking your best.  For evening events, a darker style might work well.

The colors you choose can be dictated in some ways by what you’ve chosen to wear.   Choose colors in your outfit that you can match your eye-shadow and blush with.  A lipstick that is just a shade darker than a color in your outfit will really life and completed your look.  Finally, top your look off with a clear gloss for your lips.  Not only will they look smoking hot, they will be well hydrated.

Color & makeup styles

When it comes time for your special occasion, pack a little makeup bag with the basics just for touch ups and to fix any smudges or makeup.

You can now go out and strut your stuff, knowing you are looking your absolute best!