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Summer is approaching! – Treating your hair after a day at the beach

The summer months can be very hard on your hair. From the harsh summer sun to the caustic waters of the ocean and pools, your hair is likely to begin showing signs of damage during the summer months. Read on to learn the techniques that will help you to minimise all of the harm that the summer can do to your hair.

Tip #1: Know the Signs of Hair Damage

There are many ways to tell if your hair is getting damaged. There will be a noticeable difference in the strands of your hair. They will become brittle and fragile. You might find that you have a much harder time brushing your hair, and your hair may become tangled more easily. Additionally, you will probably begin to notice split ends. These are just a few signs of damage.

Tip #2: Minimise Hair Damaging Styles

Do you colour your hair every few months, or perhaps straighten it every day with a hair straightener? You have to be mindful about what you are doing to your hair, because it is very easy to damage your hair just by styling it. The chemicals in your hair dye and the heat of your straightener can make your hair quite dry and damaged. Even your hair dryer can contribute to the problem. Compound this damage with the effects of swimming in the ocean or the pool, or even sun damage, and you may find that your hair has become a nightmare.

Tip #3: Follow a Proper Hair Care Routine

A lot of people believe that they should wash their hair once a day to keep their hair healthy. This is actually a common misconception. Believe it or not, washing your hair every day can actually do more harm than good. The key to keeping your hair healthy is striking a balance between washing your hair too much and too little. You do not want to let your hair get too oily and greasy, but you also do not want to wash your hair so much that you lose the natural oils that keep your hair healthy.

Tip #4: Treating the Damage

When you start to notice damage to your hair it is important to begin treating your hair immediately. If you know you are going to be swimming or out in the sun, it might not be a bad idea to prepare your hair even before exposing it to the chemicals and sunlight that can damage your hair. One of the best treatments is a deep rich conditioner. You use the conditioner after shampooing. Massage it onto your hair and let it sit for a few minutes for it to have its effects. If you use a deep conditioner once a week during the summer, you can minimise the effects that the sun, sand, and surf have on your hair.

Summer is all about spending time in the outdoors. You do not want to let all of your summer fun destroy your healthy hair, so it is important to follow these tips to keep your hair healthy all summer long.