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The Messy Hair Revolution – the new way of style

The Messy Hair Revolution – the new way of style

The trends of our days are changingmore rapidly than what they were 20  years ago, and many would say that the trends are so loose now, that anything goes!  We can thank the constant fashion bombs towards society and social media madness. Pinterest, Instagram are just a few of those platforms that let in the ordinary fashionistas from all around the Globe, show their hair extraordinaire.  We are also a busy generation, with less and less time, looking for alternatives to the hour long morning routines.  Women are realizing that there is nothing more beautiful than wearing hair in its natural form, but with just a few strategic tweaks.

The messy hair revolution is living its moment now and this trend is like a revolution: celebs and models don’t fuss with highly sophisticated buns but with simple messy hairstyles that are casual and more natural in many cases. It’s natural, simple, elegant and sexy, and it’s in!  We are using less product and going more natural, and why wouldn’t we?

It’s all about the styling: after drying, comb at the hair root level, then put some wax on the end of the hair locks. If your hair is smooth and thick, a little hair balm or conditioner can better the structure of it and can made it look shinier and healthier. At the end, use a little hairspray to help strengthen the look.   Finally, use your fingers instead of a comb, to ease up the locks a little and not to shatter the already fixed curls, you can also piece out the hair a little so that it’s got a bit more style to it.  But its not just about styling: it’s about embracing your hair no matter its color and texture and getting creative.  You can make a superb look of it and more importantly be proud of who you are, all while letting your natural beauty shine.

We are starting to see more and more ‘messy look’ styles at Fashion Shows and Major Events in Hollywood and beyond, The Messy Hair Revolution is about embracing the natural style of your hair, enjoying and sharing who you are in a more basic form, where less is more, and sharing your natural beauty with the world.  I say bring it on!