Darker hair in winter, lighter in summer, a fallacy or fashion rule??

It’s a fashion dilemma, women across the world face, changing seasons, and what colors to flaunt. You’ve probably heard people say, that darker hair colors are best in autumn & winter, and lighter hair colors for spring and summer months. Is this really true, or is it just a fallacy, an old rule we used to go by? It seems these days that hair & fashion break all the old ‘rules’, and that anything really does go! Rules have drastically changed throughout the years, and fashions have gotten much more creative and accepting.
The truth is, that the natural progression is that hair is lighter in summer because of the exposure to the sun. It is naturally turned a lighter color. Because of this, people relate lighter hair to summer and darker hair to winter, so it makes sense for it to be in fashion to dye hair the same way. BUT, rules were meant to be broken, so I guess there is no rule! Go with what makes you feel sexy, with what suits your face shape, your style, your lifestyle. There’s little point ruining your ‘look’ for the sake of changing hair color for the seasons, and looking totally mishmash. Instead of making drastic changes to color of your hair for changing seasons, consider smaller changes or adjustments to your style. For example you might try red or blonde highlights to brighten your color in the summer months. These highlights are best subtle, and should fall where the sun normally hits the hair, on the outer layers
Then, in the wintery months, you could choose to remove the highlights and darken the hair again. Rich colors tend to look best in the winter, such as a rich chocolate brown or a darker blonde. With color, anything is possible. Nothing beats healthy, vibrant, shiny hair that suits the person and allows them to glow. Ultimately, staying within a hair color that appears natural, and making small changes for the season for the most versatile look, is the best rule! There are no rules these days, its what suits you as a person. Guess we can say if it ever was a rule, it doesn’t apply anymore, many would say its never been a ‘rule’, rather a fallicy. Yours in Fashion!

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