New hair style for 2013 on the new year’s resolution list?

Need a change in 2013? Got that new year’s resolution list sorted? Do you want something new, but not sure where to start? If a change is as good as a holiday, a new hairstyle for a new year sounds like the perfect place to begin! Afterall, a new hairstyle can make you feel younger, give you that fresh bounce, and give you that wow factor, along with putting that sexy smile back on your face.

What’s hot in 2013? Vogue Beauty says it’s all about ‘low-slung ponies and neat buns to rock 'n' roll waves and Sixties beehives’.

So, feeling brave and daring? You could opt for a totally new look. A new cut, style, new color, two toned color, foils, a stab at the new trends, something that’s a little you or something that’s totally brand new you!

If you’re just after something to lift your current style a little, and just want to work with your current look, you could consider a shorter version of your current style, maybe adding some foils or color to highlight your style, or even add a fringe where there wasn’t a fringe. If beautiful hair is one of your priorities in 2013, consider some of these tips: • Find the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair. • Schedule a hair treatment once a week or month • Get more regular haircuts or trims. • Choose one day of the week to give your hair a break of styling wands and heat related tools. • Embrace the natural style of your hair, is it wavy or curly? Test different styles that are less work for you, and less harsh on your hair. • Research some healthier alternatives to the products you currently use. 2013 is your time to shine. Not only can you look great, you will feel great too! Embrace the new styles and fashions and look your best ever!

(Vogue Beauty link:

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