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History of Barbers

A Barber is one of the world's oldest professions which should come as no surprise as humans have always had hair. Razors have been found that trace back to 3500 BC. The role of the barber has changed significantly over the years. Today we envisage a barber shop providing men's haircuts and the occasional shave. In early times barbers performed the work of surgeons and were considered medical professionals. Another service they performed was dentistry.

The role of the barber can be traced throughout history. Ancient monuments in Egypt show people being shaved and it is believed that Egyptian priests were totally shaved every 3 days. It is well known that public baths in Ancient Rome were a big part of everyday life. As with the baths, the barber or tonsor was a part of a Roman's daily routine and was a popular source of gossip and news. In Europe, barbers performed bloodletting up to the end of the 18th century which was a standard treatment for almost every ailment.

It was the barber's role to perform medical procedures until, in 1745, in London a bill was passed to separate the role of barber and surgeons, however, it was not until the end of the 18th century that the last barbers stopped practicing medicine.

Imagine walking into a barber shop today and asking for a haircut and shave, plus a tooth filling and some bloodletting!

Barbers vs Men's Hairdressers

If you're looking for a quick, short, no-fuss haircut, a barber is a great choice, plus they tend to be cheaper and take less time than men's hairdressers. Hairdressing salons are usually a better choice if you want a longer style, colour or the latest trend in men's hair. However the lines between the two are starting to blend and you may find a great barber that has similar skills to a stylist and vice versa.


Find men's hairdressers and barbers in:   
ACT    NSW    VIC   QLD    NT     SA    WA    TAS

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