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Emo Hairstyles That Are More Than Just Black Hair

If you are thinking of getting an emo hairstyle there are many reasons why you should think about doing something more than the traditional black hair emo hairstyle. An emo hairstyle is an expression of your originality and unique personality, so why would you want a hairstyle that looks just like many other people? There are many ways to get the emo you want without going with the basic and boring black hair colour. This article will give you two unique alternative emo styles that will make all of your black haired emo friends jealous.


Why limit yourself to black? There are so many colors that you can use to get an emo look without the boredom of black. Try bright coloured highlights to add some edge to your hairstyle. There are many ways that you can incorporate pops of bright colour without dying your hair completely. Try adding a bright colour to the underneath or tips of your hair. Or, you can just use it like a normal highlighting colour and spread it throughout your hair.

With an edgy highlighting colour, you can get a unique emo hairstyle that is different from anyone else. And even a colour like hot pink can give you an emo look if you incorporate it the right way. This means that you can pick virtually any hair colour you want.


Emo hairstyles are as much about the haircut and style as they are about having the right colour. Having the right haircut can add some major emo attitude to your hairstyle. Emo hair is all about attitude, and one great way to add that is through a dramatic cut. From the mohawk to in-your-face bangs, nothing says emo hair like a dramatic cut.

Mohawks are a great cut to help bring out your rebellious sense of style and attitude. If you are girl there are still ways that you can do a Mohawk without having to go with an extremely short cut. And for guys there are many options, from a short Mohawk on a shaved head to a long and spiky Mohawk. There are so many different ways that you can wear your hair. To pull off a long spiky look you will need a lot of hair gel and hair spray. Shorter styles are easier to style because the Mohawk will show without you having to spend time playing with your hair.

Another way to get the emo look is to cut your hair into dramatic bangs or layers. You will want bangs that come down over your whole forehead – and even into your eyes a little bit. You can style them however you want, from keeping them swept to one side or even right in front of your face. You can also straighten your hair for a more dramatic effect, even if you are a guy. Guys – there is no reason that you should be afraid to take a hair straightener to your hair!

There is no right or wrong way to get the emo hair you want. Emo hair is all about being yourself and expressing your sense of style and attitude with a dramatic hairstyle, so why limit yourself to boring black hair?