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Get Halloween Style With 1 Wash Crazy-Colour Hair Gels

Is your Halloween costume missing that something extra to make it really stand out from everyone else’s? If your costume just doesn’t seem complete, try adding a vibrant temporary hair colour to make your costume stand out. One wash temporary hair colours are great for kids of every age, from the youngest trick-or-treater to the oldest partygoers.

These temporary one wash hair gels differ from traditional hair dyes. A hair dye is absorbed into the strands of your hair, while a temporary gel just sits on top of your hair like any other type of hair gel or spray. This means that when you hop into the shower after the Halloween festivities have ended, you can wash out the hair colour completely.

One of the best things about one wash hair gels is that they can come in just about any color imaginable, from bright and vibrant neon colors to metallics and glow-in-the-dark dyes. This makes them a great complement to nearly any costume.

Manic Panic’s Dye Hard temporary hair colour is one brand of these one-wash colours. They offer 11 different gel dyes in bright colours, matte colours, and metallic colours. So whether you want black or bright, there is a style to match your costume.

The Dye Hard gel is great for a Halloween style because the gel dye is firm enough that it can be used to style the hair in addition to colouring it. With the gel you can slick back your hair or spike it up, to get the creative Halloween hairstyle you want. It is a one step product that styles, colours, and offers all night hold to keep your Halloween hair intact. And once your Halloween festivities are over, you do not have to worry about being stuck with a hair colour that isn’t so great for your normal day to day life.

Manic Panic’s Dye Hard hair colour gels are so easy to use that they can be a great hair styling option for more than just Halloween. These temporary colour gels are great for any occasion where you want to add some colour to your hair for a day. For example, you could show off your school spirit by dying or highlighting your hair with your school colours. Or you can dye your hair the colour of your favorite sports team. And once game day is over, your hair will be back to normal.

These temporary hair gels also are a great way to test out how your hair will look with a new extreme colour before you decide to try a more permanent option. After all, you wouldn’t want to get stuck with neon green hair if you weren’t sure that you would like it first.

So whether you are looking to make your Halloween costume pop, or just want to add some fun colour to your hair, one wash hair colours provide an easy way to colour your hair. These hair colour gels are easy to apply and wash out completely in one wash, so there is nothing to be afraid of. If you hate your colour, you can just hop into the shower and wash it all out.

Manic Panic is available online through iDare.