5 ways to look & feel 5 years younger

We canít turn back the natural progression of ageing, but have you noticed that people seem to look younger these days? 20 years ago, turning 50 meant something very different to turning 50 today! People take more pride in their appearance for longer, and are open to finding ways to look younger. They take more time to look after themselves, they take time out for themselves, they embrace change and love challenge! Thereís a number of ways to look 5 years younger, hereís a few: FASHION Ė Mix things up! Just because youíve worn something one way for the last few years, doesnít mean you canít add a fashionable belt, some bling, and add some open sparkly slip on thongs! Mix and match colors, add a leather jacket to the mix. Unbutton your top an extra button, even consider layering some clothing.
HAIR Ė One way to look 5 years younger is to shorten your hair length, and add a little style. If you have a basic mid-length style, why not cut a few inches off and layer through the back. New style, new person! Why not add a little color, some highlights, some foils, try the new two-toned hair fashion.
MAKEUP Ė Have you stuck with the same colors for the last few years? Why not make a change, get some professional coloring done, or ask how you can use your makeup to brighten your look even more. It could just come down to an eye-shadow color change, a new liner color, and a different shade of foundation, with some glow added. Itís amazing how small changes in the makeup case really create big changes! SKIN Ė Our hands are exposed to the most harmful things, hot water, cleaning products, dirt, sun, and much more, and its often the last thing we think about when we think of skin care. Itís never too late to start looking after your hands. Find a good anti-ageing hand cream, a hand mask and other treatments, and make looking after your hands a priority. Healthier skin, will help make you look 5 years younger! Oh and donít forget your nails! Getting your nails done can make you feel amazing and super sexy all at once!
LIFE Ė Do you feel like youíve lost your Ďgoí in life? Why not do some of those things that are important to you. Look after yourself, your body, your mind. Cross some things off your bucket list, have a dinner party, enjoy a night out. Read a good inspiring book, surround yourself with happy people who help you experience the best in life. You only live once, why not make the absolute most of it. Take the time to look after you, tweak a few things here and there, and make the most of every minute, and turn back the clock 5 years. PhotoCredit :Imaxtree (all images Peter)

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