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3 reasons to not be your own hairdresser

Some are lucky enough to have found a Hairdresser they are happy to stick with, others try different hair dressers for a long periods then give up, some have had a bad cut or experience with a hairdresser and vow to never visit another one!  One thing is for sure though, cutting your own hair can be the biggest mistake you ever make.   There are many online tutorials available on how to cut and style your own hair, but these are written by professionals who aren’t there to help you when things go wrong!

Here’s 3 reasons to not be your own Hairdresser:

  1. A really bad cut by someone who doesn’t really know what they are doing, can take an even worse cut to fix.  You might think you know what you’re doing, but really the professionals have the best view (let’s face it we can’t really see what we’re doing at the back that well in the mirror!).  It may be that your hair needs to be cut quite short to get it back to a proper style.  This could be worse than the initial cut, and could take a while to grow back.
  2. The wrong tools can really damage your hair.   You can’t just use normal scissors, they will wreck your hair.   You also need to be careful how the hair is cut.  Cutting on the wrong angle can be the different between hair sitting right and looking tidy, and unmanageable hair.
  3. You miss out on that ‘feeling fresh and new’ feeling.  There is nothing better than taking an hour or two out of your busy schedule for yourself, to have a haircut, a brief head massage, treatments, and blow dry.  When you cut your own hair, you are wondering how your cut looks, whether you’ve done the right thing, and could lead to bigger regrets!    Problem is, people get comfortable with their own haircut and what they think looks good after a while, generally doesn’t.   Do yourself a favour, take time out and visit a hairdresser.

What could seem like a good idea at the time, could take years to repair, a worse haircut than ever expected, and negative self image.   Stick with a professional hairdresser, and don’t settle for second best.