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5 Beauty Rules Meant To Be Broken

5 Beauty Rules Meant To Be Broken

As the saying goes, ‘Rules are meant to be broken’,  but as far as beauty goes there are many rules to be broken, these days we call it getting creative, and the fun comes in deciding which ones and how creative you want to be!  If you like to stay up to date with the latest trends and stick to a few ‘guidelines’ then here are five (only five?) of the latest beauty rules that are okay to break:

  1. Smoky eyes are only for a night out: The daytime smoky eye is fashionable right now, especially paired with pale lips.  Opt for lighter colours during the day, bronzes, lighter browns and mid-tone grey eye shadows and smudge eyeliner on the lash line and layer with a matching shadow for staying power.
  1. Get your hair trimmed every six to eight weeks to keep split ends away: If you are trying to grow your hair out longer, or you have untreated hair, it is possible to go 10 – 12 weeks without a trim.  Just watch out for split ends and keep taking good care of your hair.
  1. Matching lip liner for longer colour:  Unless you want to end up with an unattractive dark outline around your lips when your lipstick wears off, don’t do this one!  Instead colour your lips fully with the liner first, then layer your lipstick on top for staying power.  You can create some great new shades too! (Or don’t wear lip liner at all!)
  1. Don’t let your roots show:  The new trend is a life saver for some people who are sick of colouring their roots:  “Ombre”!  The roots are dark but the hair gets lighter and lighter towards the ends.  And there are some beautiful colours to choose!
  1. Only pluck from below your eyebrows:  Well-defined eyebrows are not only fashionable they help to frame your face and they can either make or break your look.  To achieve that defined, well-groomed look removing hair from both below and above the brow line is a must and don’t forget to fill in any gaps with a light feathering of eye shadow the same shade as your eyebrows.

Rules really were made to be broken, especially when it comes to beauty and what’s fashionable.  And the most refreshing thing of all is there are no limits on our imaginations, creativity and sense of style.  So, what beauty rules are you looking to break this winter season?