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3 Ways to teach kids how to look after their hair

Self-care for a child is just as important as learning words, how to walk, and how to eat.  Their ability to be able to present themselves to the world aka. turn up to school looking presentable, is something that will take pride in.  We all went to school with people who did not learn self-care until later in their life, and for many this impacted on their self-esteem and child to child esteem.  Teaching your children self-care is important on a number of levels, but how do you do it?  Well we’ve got 3 workable ideas for you, and we’d love your thoughts in the comment area below.

1)     Allow them to watch and learn by example.  My kids are always heading into the bathroom when I’m trying to get ready for my day, and until recently it used to annoy me!  Now I realise that while they watch me take good care of my hair, and ask for a brush to brush theirs, they are learning.  They want to be like mum or dad, use mum or dad’s brushes and product.  Allow this to become an educational tool.  If they see mum and dad looking neat on purpose, they will learn.  If you have time you can also talk about things while you do them

2)     Practice on Barbies or Teddy Bears, talking kids through the why of what we do.   Give Barbie a hair wash (she doesn’t ever cry), dress her and explain why we do what we do.  It’s important for kids to know ‘the why of the what’ as this is what gives meaning to something.   Turn it into a game, into something they will remember.

3)     Kids learn the fastest by having good routines.  So making sure that their hair gets washed a few times a week, and ensuring that hair gets brushed everyday.   They may kick and scream for the first few weeks but in the end, the routines we begin now will form the foundation of their self-care in the future.

Self-care is something that every child needs to learn about.   Do you have any tips for our parents on how to teach your kids to look after their hair?  Why not drop over to our Facebook page and leave a comment.


Is Hairspray bad or good

Image Source: Fotalia

Hairspray: good or bad for your hair?

Hairspray has a very important purpose: to keep styled hair in place.  It does come at a cost though, and the verdict is still out on whether Hairspray is actually good or bad for your hair.  We thought we’d lay out the Dis-advantages and Advantages of using hairspray and let you decide!

As with any form of hair product, most things are ok when used in moderation.   There are now a wide range of other products available that can be used as substitutes, with the style and type of hair playing a big role in what product is best.

The Disadvantages of using Hairspray

-          If not used correctly, it can slowly damage the hair cuticle and make the hair dry.
-          Some hairsprays have nasty chemicals in them.
-          If you use the spray repeatedly without washing, some types of hairspray can cause a build-up of product, which appears as a stiff layer of white, flaky particles.
-          Excessive use can also result in your hair looking dull instead of shiny because of the excess polymers coating each follicle
-          If you travel a lot you may find it hard taking your normal hairspray.  As you know certain countries won’t allow you to take in such prized possessions.
-          Can cause Allergic reactions on some scalps.

The Advantages of using Hairspray

-          It can help hold your hair style in place.
-          It’s quick and easy and quite often can just be washed out (as opposed to Hair Gels etc that are heavier and need to be washed out daily).
-          Using Natural type Hairsprays’ can give your hair an extra bit of shine.
-          Using a small amount of hairspray can result in a hairstyle that took a long time, stay in place for a good period of time.

Some Tips on using Hairspray

-          Hairspray should be used as a Mist rather than sprayed close to the scalp.
-          Use in a well ventilated room
-          If you do use a lot of Hairspray, make sure you use a good quality shampoo and conditioner, and wash regularly.
-          Speak with your local Hairdresser about what the best product might be for your hair.  There is a wide range of products available now, and there is most likely one perfect for your hairstyle and desired effect.


Haircuts for Fine Hair

Haircuts for Fine Hair

Fine hair can get a bad rap but is actually quite manageable and malleable with plenty of style possibilities.  Fine hair is often confused with thin hair but the term fine refers to the thickness of the hair strand not the amount of hair, it can be sparse or surprisingly abundant!  It is often delicate in texture and therefore prone to breakage and can have a tendency to fall flat.  But with the proper care, the right haircut, products and style, even fine hair can be enviously gorgeous!

So, what are the ‘right’ haircuts for fine hair?


The shorter fine hair is the thicker it will appear.

A pixie cut is a great option for short hair and can be worn in a number of ways:  A low maintenance, feminine style; a stylish textured pixie or something more edgy and worn forward over the forehead.

Other shorter styles that work are the bias cut worn without a definite part, or something clean cut with soft waves, or for a contemporary look try a bixie, a cross between a bob and a pixie.

For a slightly longer look there are a number of different bob styles which work very well for fine hair:  The A-line bob or simply a bob with a longer front and shorter in the back, with or without transition; a textured or layered bob or even the classic chin length bob.


Medium length hair can be curled to give the hair texture and thickness.  Try soft waves to beachy curls; or frame the face with layers and a fringe.  The right colour can also give hair dimension and thickness. If you have fine hair and curls, don’t straighten it!  Try some products that suit your curls and take advantage of that built in volume.


Fine hair with few layers when worn longer holds more volume and adding curls creates even more.

Matt Fugate, a hairstylist at Sally Hershberger Salon in NYC says that “The key to styling fine hair is making sure you always have a strong focal point. It adds dimension and the appearance of thickness, tricking one’s eye into thinking you have more hair.”  There is a great deal that can be done with fine hair and with the right care and attention there is no reason that fine can’t be fabulous!


5 Beauty Rules Meant To Be Broken

5 Beauty Rules Meant To Be Broken

As the saying goes, ‘Rules are meant to be broken’,  but as far as beauty goes there are many rules to be broken, these days we call it getting creative, and the fun comes in deciding which ones and how creative you want to be!  If you like to stay up to date with the latest trends and stick to a few ‘guidelines’ then here are five (only five?) of the latest beauty rules that are okay to break:

  1. Smoky eyes are only for a night out: The daytime smoky eye is fashionable right now, especially paired with pale lips.  Opt for lighter colours during the day, bronzes, lighter browns and mid-tone grey eye shadows and smudge eyeliner on the lash line and layer with a matching shadow for staying power.
  1. Get your hair trimmed every six to eight weeks to keep split ends away: If you are trying to grow your hair out longer, or you have untreated hair, it is possible to go 10 – 12 weeks without a trim.  Just watch out for split ends and keep taking good care of your hair.
  1. Matching lip liner for longer colour:  Unless you want to end up with an unattractive dark outline around your lips when your lipstick wears off, don’t do this one!  Instead colour your lips fully with the liner first, then layer your lipstick on top for staying power.  You can create some great new shades too! (Or don’t wear lip liner at all!)
  1. Don’t let your roots show:  The new trend is a life saver for some people who are sick of colouring their roots:  “Ombre”!  The roots are dark but the hair gets lighter and lighter towards the ends.  And there are some beautiful colours to choose!
  1. Only pluck from below your eyebrows:  Well-defined eyebrows are not only fashionable they help to frame your face and they can either make or break your look.  To achieve that defined, well-groomed look removing hair from both below and above the brow line is a must and don’t forget to fill in any gaps with a light feathering of eye shadow the same shade as your eyebrows.

Rules really were made to be broken, especially when it comes to beauty and what’s fashionable.  And the most refreshing thing of all is there are no limits on our imaginations, creativity and sense of style.  So, what beauty rules are you looking to break this winter season?


4 Foods that promote Healthy Hair

The old saying ‘you are what you eat’, has never been truer!  In fact, the health of your hair says a lot of things about you, not just your diet, but stress levels and more.   “Just like every other part of your body, the cells and processes that support strong, vibrant hair depend on a balanced diet,” says New York nutritionist Lisa Drayer, MA, RD, author of The Beauty Diet.

In fact, if you want healthy hair for the future, it’s important to eat right now.  The nutrients you eat today help fortify the hair follicle — from which each strand is born — and the scalp that surrounds it. “Healthier follicles? Healthier hair. Healthier scalp? Healthier hair!” Drayer says.

So, what are the foods that promote healthy hair?  There are many but below are 4 we think are super important…

Walnuts–Walnuts are rich in Omega 3 Fatty Acids, and have a good portion of Biotin and Vitamin E which help protects cells from damage.  Walnuts also include a portion of copper that helps keep your natural color rich.  Walnuts are great for so many things.  Nuts are also good to help boost energy levels.

Eggs – Eggs are a great source of protein and have four key minerals: zinc, selenium, sulfer and iron.  Iron is important as it helps carry oxygen to your hair follicles.  If you don’t have enough iron in your body, one of the problems you will face is major loss of hair.  We all know iron is important particularly for women in so many ways.

Blueberries – Blueberries are a super fruit full of Vitamin C and Anti-oxidants.  Vitamin C is important for overall wellbeing but also helps circulation to your scalp.  Vitamin C naturally boosts Collagen which surrounds the hair strands making them strong, producing healthier hair.Vitamin C helps boost your immune system too, so make sure it’s part of your diet.

Fish–Oily fish are a must when thinking of growing beautiful hair.  They contain nutrients great for boosting brainpower, but also contain Omega 3 and a number of fatty acids that help you grow thick, healthy hair.  They have a natural way of hydrating the scalp and strengthening follicles.   All in all, fish products are great for you!

There are a number of foods you can eat to give your body and your hair the best chance of a healthy, radiant existence.  Why not add some of these to your regular diet from today, and in a few month’s time you will start to see some amazing results.


3 Top Tips to Looking after Kids Hair

Kids, gotta love them.  Some come into this world with bucketloads of hair, others enter the world with none (and some leave with none too!), but before long regardless of what they start with, their hair grows and it’s important that their hair is looked after just like it’s important we look after ours.

Here are 3 top tips to taking the best care of your little ones hair.

1)     Teach them about haircare from a young age.  Kids from the age of 3 onwards can learn personal hygiene and learn that it’s important to take good care of their hair, and even that they need to brush their hair as part of their morning routines.  Many things can be used as lessons in life, and this is just one of them.   Take the opportunity to teach them while it’s a novelty!

2)     Create habits that will last.  When I was a kid, I really HATED having my hair washed.  I remember having meltdowns, and then when it was left to me to get my hair washed, refused to do it regularly for a long time.  Once I realised WHY I needed to wash my hair, I understood its importance.  Once it became a regular habit, it wasn’t such an issue, and as I’ve grown into an adult, I’ve only improved on those habits even more.

Before long kids begin to attend kindy and school, so why not start those habits of really taking the time to care for and look after their hair every morning, as young as possible.  Once the school years hit, it won’t be one of the battles you’ll need to face every morning.  The ground work would have already been done.  The routine will be in place and the habits will automatically kick in.

3)     Regular cuts are super important for the health of a child’s hair.  Many mums choose to simply cut their own child’s hair for a variety of reasons, but cutting it the wrong way with the wrong equipment can result in damaged hair that can take a few years to fix.  Make the hairdresser appointment something to look forward to.  I always used to promise my little ones a chocolate biscuit at the end.  EVERY time we went to the salon, they knew that a chocolate biscuit was coming at the end, and so a new routine, and a happy memory was formed.

Got other tips on how to look after your child’s hair or get them into good habits?  We’d love you to come over to our Facebook page and let us know!


10 Pinterest Accounts to Follow – leading hair care/fashion/ideas

The opportunity to share information, learn new tricks, and even get ideas for any single topic you can think of has never been as easy as it is today.  Pinterest is one of the leading image sharing social media websites, and it’s one of the fastest growing on record!   If you’re on Pinterest you’ll know what all the hype is about.  If you’re not, you need to check it out!

We thought we’d share 10 great Pinboards you should be following for Beauty, Fashion & Hair. Of course there are now millions of boards on Pinterest, so if you find some others that you’d like to share with us, why not post over on our Facebook page!

1)      Fashion Forward all things fashion & healthy hair styles to shoes!   These guys showcase it all!

2)      Leading Lady Hair Inspiration  A fantastic mix of all things hair and not only modern style, you’ll also see some vintage hair styles!

3)      Glamour Mag  For all things Glamour, Fashion, Beauty and Hair!  With almost 5000 Pins on the Board, its probably safe to say they are one of the best!

4)      Eat.Sleep.Wear  Wow this is impressive, 1,045,632 followers.  Fashion blogger Kimberly of eat.sleep.wearhas created a booming Pinterest page with thousands of fashion and beauty pins.  Epic!

5)      And one to make you sparkle!  Glitter Guide  Glitter Guide offers Flashes of delight.  ‘Your guide to fashion, trends, beauty, design, food and culture.’

6)      Women’s Wear Daily (WWD) the official bible for all things high fashion and luxe beauty — and it’s a must-follow Pinterest account for industry trends and backstage beauty (especially during Fashion Week).

7)      Sephora is a great way to keep up to date with the latest, especially the Trending now boards.  You can also gain ideas and find your favourites all while keeping up with the Jones’.

8)      One of the Hair specific Pinterest Accounts to follow is Hair Romance, and yes I could see myself getting quite attached to this Account!

9)      Blogger and designer Megan Gilger knows beauty when she sees it — and she certainly has an eye for artistic expression.  Follow her on Pinterest for inspiration on so many things.

10)   Last but certainly not least, we are loving Elsie Larson of A Beautiful Mess.  Her blog is awesome, and her fashion pins are exquisite.

So there’s some of the most pinned accounts in Fashion, Beauty and Hair right now.   We hope you enjoy checking these out, and don’t forget to come and share your favourites with us over on our Facebook page.

Happy pinning!


No Makeup Selfie’s for Breast Cancer

No Makeup Selfie’s for Breast Cancer

You’ve probably seen them in your newsfeed, the ‘No Makeup’ Selfies by people to help grow awareness of Breast Cancer.  While many are calling this stunt, just that, a stunt, others are praising the initiative for bringing great awareness to a very aggressive and deadly disease.   It started with some of the Hollywood stars jumping onboard (as has Demi Lovato), and the initiative has gone viral.

The deal is that you not only post a ‘No Makeup’ Selfie, to help grow awareness of this Disease, but that you also nominate friends to do the same.  Not only that, it’s important that you also get involved as part of growing awareness and take this action one step further by donating to this worthy cause.

The best place to make a donation, is at the Official National Breast Cancer Foundation Website (NBCF)  There are a number of ‘foundations’ acting as collection bodies for this cause, but know that it’s always best to go to official websites and donate.

Breast Cancer is a horrible disease, some able to battle it and win, others not winning the battle.  The stats are terrible and highlight the importance of growing awareness and donating to such a cause.  Here are some of the stats from the NBCF Official Website

  • Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer among women in Australia.
  • One in eight women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime.
  • In 2014, 15,270 women are predicted to be diagnosed with breast cancer in Australia.
  • In 2020, 17,210 women are projected to be diagnosed with breast cancer in Australia. This is an average of 47 women every day.
  • Increasing age is one of the strongest risk factors for developing breast cancer. More than two in three cases of breast cancer occur in women aged between 40 and 69 years.
  • Australian women diagnosed with breast cancer have an 89% chance of surviving five years after diagnosis.
  • Improvements in survival are attributed to earlier detection of breast cancer through regular mammograms and improved treatment outcomes for breast cancer.
  • On average, seven women die from breast cancer every day in Australia. Finding breast cancer early increases the chance of surviving the disease.
  • Although rare, breast cancer can also affect men, accounting for about 1% of cases. Around 110 men are diagnosed with breast cancer in Australia each year.

All information quoted from

So if you haven’t done your bit and taken positive action yet in growing awareness of Breast Cancer, get to it!  And make sure you don’t forget to donate, as this is crucial!


Tips on how to maintain healthy hair

Tips on how to maintain healthy hair

Keeping your hair Healthy is as important as brushing your teeth every day!  Your hair is what brings out the best in you, helps highlight your features, and for many women, it’s what makes them feel amazing!   Not looking after your hair and maintaining it correctly could cause damage, which could take quite a while to fix!   Here’s the basics of maintaining healthy hair.

Choose the right shampoo and conditioner

Ensuring you use the right Shampoo and Conditioner for your hair is crucial.  It’s always good to try a few different ones to make sure you find the best one for your hair.  If you are using an all in one shampoo and conditioner, you may be stripping your hair of much needed ingredients.  There are also different shampoos available for different hair types, for eg. Frizzy or dry or oily hair.

Regular Hair Cuts

Cutting your hair regularly can improve your hair health by removing the ends of your hair that may be dry or damaged due to exposure to elements such as heat, cold, saltwater, or scorching sun. By cutting even just the ends of your hair, you should see a visible difference in shine and strength.Regular haircuts are also important in ensuring the look you are after is easily achieveable.  You’ll notice when your usual ‘style’ just isn’t sitting as it normally would.  Chances are, its time for a cut!

Coloring Hair

Adding some color to your hair, even a similar color tone to what it is currently, can condition your hair and make it feel smooth, look glossy, and feel amazing.  Many find that hair with color in it can be easy to work with, while hair without color can be dry, and difficult to style.  Putting some color in your hair and keeping it maintained can ensure your hair grows and stays healthy.

Pamper your hair

From time to time it’s a good idea to pamper your hair, give it an extra special treatment or condition it with something special above your normal shampoo and conditioning routines.  Hot oil treatments, or other similar treatments offered at Salons can really give your dry lifeless hair, a real boost, bringing it out at its best.  You might even give your hair a few days break from styling or using heat tools, as a way of pampering and maintaining you hair.

Looking after your hair, is looking after yourself.  You deserve to look your best, so what could you do to help maintain your hair better this week?


Managing grey hair

Managing grey hair

Grey hair is one of those things we all know will show up at some point! For some, the process of greys appearing happens in their early twenties, for others it’s not until much later!  And of course, there’s all the in between’s.   Some choose to color over the top to hide grey hairs, others begin to embrace it, and use it as feature spot in their hair color and style.   I must admit, I love it when the older generation embrace it as part of their ‘signature look’.   For many though, they are unsure as to how to look after grey hair, so here’s some tips on managing them.

Don’t pull them out!

Firstly, when they start to appear, don’t pull them out!   Most jump to the ‘oh my gosh’ state of mind, and pull them out, but this actually encourages them to grow back thicker.  Consult your hairdresser for more information on this.   You know what, most people won’t walk up to you, and give you curry cause you’ve got a few grey hairs!   We will be the most aware out of anyone J

Regular Coloring

A good portion of the population, do color their hair, and even before the greys appear!   So you could continue to color your hair the same way you do it already.  As with any regrowth, it’s always good to keep your trips to the Hairdresser frequent so that you look your best anyway.


Highlights or foils used to be something that the younger generation got creative with, but I’m seeing more and more that the older generation are getting ‘clever’ in their use of the extra colors.  It’s quite fashionable to get blonde/greyish/silver/goldish foils, or to mix blonde with grey.   For absolute best results though, consult with your hairstylist or fashion expert.   This is something you definitely need to do right!

Trim Strategically

For those with a lot of grey hair, regular and strategic trims could help the process of taking out any other color in their hair, and bringing in and embracing the grey.  Certain styles will also suit this process aswell.   So choose wisely, and consult your hairstylist.

Condition Regularly

Most women think that the grey hairs will grow out very course in texture, which may be the case.  But as with any hair care, ensuring it is well looked after and washed and conditioned regularly will be really key in the process.

Embrace your hair

No matter where you are along the grey brick road, its important to embrace you!  Do what makes you feel happy and amazing.  Yes its just one of those things in life, but it’s not the end of our world!   Embrace, be you, do what you can, and we know you will fine!

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