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Why Your Hair Needs Exercise

Like every other part of your body, hair follicles are fed by nutrients from the bloodstream.  Good circulation of blood and proper nutrients carried in it are essential to good health, and that includes the health and growth of your hair.  The more stimulation via blood flow and the oxygen and food that blood supplies… Continue reading »


Stress and temporary hair loss

Everybody loves a good crop of hair on their head and though hair as such serves no specific function, since we can very well live without it, people do get paranoid when they notice hair fall that is in excess of normal and when they are growing bald. Many centuries ago, our ancestors found hair… Continue reading »


Scalp health

Many of us think that merely taking care of our hair will ensure that it will not fall and premature graying of hair will not take place. This is far from the truth. You must know that your scalp is the platform and foundation on which your hair has grown and unless you take equal… Continue reading »


Melanin – can eating well stave off grey hair?

While going grey is a process that is a natural one and will affect everybody, lifestyle habits as well as appropriate nutrition can help in staving off this occurrence by some years. In addition to lifestyle changes and correct dietary habits, the avoidance of stress is also crucial to ensure your hair does not start… Continue reading »


Is your hair dull and lifeless?

Though it is a fact that, to a great extent healthy hair is often genetic, you cannot go by only that maxim and stop caring for your hair if you are blessed with good hair. Similarly, if you are not that fortunate to have luxuriant hair, you need not give up hope of getting a… Continue reading »


Hair Straighteners: Myths and Realities

There is really only one reason for the existence of hair straighteners, and that is, in a word, fashion.  If you have naturally curly hair and want to straighten it out, the only way to do it is by applying heat.  Basically, straighteners work by breaking down the hydrogen bonds in the cortex of the… Continue reading »


Hair Loss Causes

Though everyone knows a few celebrities who get away very nicely with bald heads, many people, both men and women, are more concerned with hair loss than with almost any other physical attribute, and some consider a good-looking head of hair to be essential to their emotional health. Two important points to remember are that… Continue reading »