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Foods for Healthy Hair

Beauty product manufacturers usually tell you that their shampoos and conditioners and rinses and spritzers and all the other goodies to put on your hair will give you gorgeous tresses.  The fact is that while many of them do help a lot, it’s what you add from the inside that counts the most, your hair,… Continue reading »


Summer is approaching! – Treating your hair after a day at the beach

The summer months can be very hard on your hair. From the harsh summer sun to the caustic waters of the ocean and pools, your hair is likely to begin showing signs of damage during the summer months. Read on to learn the techniques that will help you to minimise all of the harm that… Continue reading »


Emo Hairstyles That Are More Than Just Black Hair

If you are thinking of getting an emo hairstyle there are many reasons why you should think about doing something more than the traditional black hair emo hairstyle. An emo hairstyle is an expression of your originality and unique personality, so why would you want a hairstyle that looks just like many other people? There… Continue reading »


To Wash or Not to Wash: How Often Should You Wash Your Hair

Washing your hair is essential to keeping it beautiful and healthy. However, it is possible to wash your hair too often, which will ultimately dry your hair out and leave the strands weak and damaged. So the key is to wash your hair enough so that there is not a build-up of the hair’s natural… Continue reading »


Get Halloween Style With 1 Wash Crazy-Colour Hair Gels

Is your Halloween costume missing that something extra to make it really stand out from everyone else’s? If your costume just doesn’t seem complete, try adding a vibrant temporary hair colour to make your costume stand out. One wash temporary hair colours are great for kids of every age, from the youngest trick-or-treater to the… Continue reading »


Temporary Hair Styles for the Holidays

If you want to try a new hairstyle without having to worry about what everyone will think of it at school, you should plan to try your new style over a school holiday. That way if you hate your new look, it will be gone before you are back in school. Your parents might also be more willing to agree with an outrageous hairstyle if you plan to do it while you are on school holidays.


Hair Extensions: Bonded or Sewn?

Women with thin hair, or hair that takes too long to grow, look to hair extensions. But there are a number of women who also get hair extensions to look more glamorous. Hair salons do big business by offering hair extensions. But before you decide to get hair extensions you must read up on it so that you don’t end up damaging your own hair.