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Hair Extensions: Bonded or Sewn?

Women with thin hair, or hair that takes too long to grow, look to hair extensions. But there are a number of women who also get hair extensions to look more glamorous. Hair salons do big business by offering hair extensions.  But before you decide to get hair extensions you must read up on it so that you don’t end up damaging your own hair. A properly done hair extension should not damage your natural hair and should help it in growing longer and healthier.

There are many different types of hair extensions that are offered on the market, but let’s focus on bonded and sewn hair extensions. In bonded hair extensions the individual strands of the extension are glued to your natural hair. Different chemicals or types of glues are used to bond the hair. But before you opt for a bonded hair extension, do ask which type of bonding material will be used. You must make sure that you are not allergic to the chemical used as that can irritate your scalp and you will want to get the hair extension removed. Bonded hair extensions will last a few months and will then need to be removed and done all over again. The reason is that as your own hair grows the extensions will loosen, and will not have the same look as when you had the extension done.

Sewn hair extensions are called wefts and they look like a curtain of hair that are attached at the top and are free flowing at the bottom. You have a choice of getting machine-made or handmade wefts. Machine-made wefts come in a continuous length and can be cut to the required length. However a machine-made weft may not always match the colour of your natural hair. It’s best to ask your hair extension expert to make you a handmade weft that will match the colour of your hair. Here comes the question of which hair to get for your weft. Your basic choices will come down to colour and price. European handmade wefts will be the best option, however if you can afford it, go for raw or virgin hair. You should not opt for very long hair as the ends of the hair will be quite old and will not look very nice.

The weft is sewn into tiny braids of your own hair and is cut as horizontal tracks around the scalps. The number of tracks required will depend on the quality of your natural hair and the length of the hair extension you want. This process of sewing must be done by an expert hair dresser. If it’s not, you could suffer from an itchy scalp and headaches. Remember that the extension or wefts are sewn into your own hair and if the hair is too long you will have to get used to the weight.

Before getting hair extensions, do ask other women who have had hair extensions done. You must also seek a hair dresser that is reputed in doing hair extensions. Whether you get bonded or sewn hair extensions, the choice has to be yours.