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All Natural Hair Care.

The trend nowadays is towards natural living; we are constantly bombarded with chemicals in our everyday lives, and many are turning to natural hair care products in order to minimise the contact they have with potential nasties.

Bear in mind that some shampoos may still have chemicals, as a natural alternative might not yet have been found. It is important to recognise those products that distinguish themselves as being completely natural – or just with natural ingredients added.

One such company boasting natural ingredients is Alchemy. Their range of hair care products is pH neutral and guaranteed to be non-allergenic. Using natural oils from mandarin, rosemary and lavender, Alchemy offer an alternative to store-brand shampoos that can cause irritation.

For something deliciously different, Jurlique have a Sandalwood Shampoo that not only leaves your hair soft and manageable, but smelling sensational, too. For those with hair a little on the oily side, their Arnica Mint Shampoo is designed to cleanse hair without stripping too much of the natural oils (leaving your hair dry, and susceptible to producing more oil to combat it!)

There’s no reason now to put up with shampoos and conditioners that barrage your hair and scalp with chemicals – go natural and notice the difference!